A word from the founder



Techfinance was born with a strong desire to support entrepreneurs in their projects and develop Moroccan SMEs to bring forth their potential and to reach a higher level of growth. Indeed, 95% of Moroccan enterprises are SMEs employing more than 50% of the workforce in Morocco. As a true driving force of the economy, they should be supported in their development, which will promote the growth of our country and create jobs.

However, we came to realize that Moroccan SMEs suffer a deficiency regarding human and technical resources and a difficulty in accessing the necessary funds to carry out their development projects. We also note that several sources of funding exist in Morocco, which include bank financing, investment funds, grants, leasing or factoring.

And thus, following a professional career of eleven years, including five in auditing at Ernst & Young Paris (formerly Arthur Andersen) and six years in Private Equity at Marocinvest-Africinves; as chartered accountant with a consistent technical background accumulated thanks to my studies in Paris Dauphine, I decided to create Techfinance whose mission is:


Providing Moroccan entrepreneurs with the necessary accompaniment to carry out their projects and access appropriate funds under the best conditions.


For that, the consultants of Techfinance work daily on the following three components:

  1. Operational and financial support and strategic advisory to provide you with the technical assistance necessary to develop your projects and improve your profitability and the performance of your enterprise.
  2. Negotiation and defense of your interests to raise funds under the best conditions in terms of the valuation of your company, financial structuring of the transaction as well as the legal and financial terms of the transaction.
  3. Advisory in terms of your external growth projects or the transfer of your business.

Thanks to well-established methods, we accompany entrepreneurs and SMEs in the success of their projects by providing them with a maximum of tools to address their problems and achieve their goals.


Looking forward to working together,

Najate Berrada